Woodbury School of Business Building

Woodbury School of Business

The Woodbury School of Business aspires to be the premier undergraduate business school in the intermountain states recognized for its up-to-date curriculum, quality faculty, and graduates who continue to learn and achieve in the world of business.

New Building

The Woodbury School of Business continues to grow and expand. Funding is needed to create a building with space for more labs, classrooms and an outreach center.


Scholarships are awarded to students demonstrating academic excellence and financial need. Scholarships provide assistance to those who otherwise may not be able to receive or complete an education.


Many students make use of tutors to help them understand and complete difficult schoolwork. Funding is needed to provide knowledgeable tutors for our students.

Primary Contact:
Tyler Vigue
Asst. Dean - Woodbury School of Business
Phone: 801-863-5112