UVU Symphony performs at an event

School of the Arts

The UVU School of the Arts attracts those with sufficient talent and passion for a career in the Arts and challenges them to hone imagination, creativity, and innovation as they secure the knowledge, skills, and experiences vital to their success. It also enlivens, enhances, and enriches UVU and its extended community through courses about the Arts, participation in or with the Arts, and public exhibits and performances.

Noorda Center for the Performing Arts

UVU performing arts students will soon have a place to call their own. The 130,000-square-foot center will feature a 500-seat proscenium theater with an orchestra pit for live musical performances and opera, and a 900-seat concert hall, which will also serve as Utah Valley’s home for the Utah Symphony. The center will also feature a choral recital hall, a dance theater, 27 practice spaces, 27 teaching studios, production and recording space, piano and computer labs, and conference rooms. The building is expected to be complete in 2019, but money is still needed to cover construction costs. Naming opportunities are also available.

Art and Design Building

The UVU Department of Art & Design educates approximately 58 percent of the student body of the UVU School of the Arts. The program is currently housed in the Gunther Technology Building in an area that was originally intended as a warehouse, yet our art and design students thrive despite their limited space and facilities. We have just 32 square feet of dedicated space per art and design major, compared with Weber State, which has approximately 182 square feet per major. Put simply, our students need to think outside the box (a less than six-foot square box, to be precise) in order to continue winning national awards for their work. Despite bumping into elbows with their classmates at UVU, they go on to work for companies such as Adobe, Vivint, and Ancestry, and they complete graduate work at institutions including Notre Dame and The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Our art and design department needs a new building to provide its outstanding students with facilities that enable them to produce art that isn't restricted by space and that facilitates recruitment of top talent, both student and faculty.

Scholarship Fund

The UVU School of the Arts has two scholarship needs. The first is to provide access to talented students who may otherwise not be able to afford to go to college. The second is to recruit talented students who will set a standard of excellence.

Engagement Fund

Utah Valley University has a unique learning model. Students receive opportunities not only to learn from great faculty in the classroom, but also “engage” in the community. In the Arts, nothing is more important. Often these engagement opportunities mean that groups of students need to leave campus and engage audiences throughout Utah, other areas of the United States, or more globally. Because of their excellence, opportunities abound for UVU students to have these first-class engagement experiences. The Engagement Fund assists them in taking advantage of opportunities that require resources over and above the normal cost of their educational experience. This includes travel to the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, Sundance collaboration, and tours for symphony, jazz band, and choir.

Opportunity Fund

The School of the Arts Opportunity Fund exists to elevate excellence through special opportunities and to provide emergency assistance to students whose personal or family finances have been affected by the economy or unforeseen conditions.

Primary Contact:
Kevin Goertzen
Phone: 801-863-5760